Books That Children Should Read

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That is the funny thing about going away on your annual vacation. No sooner are you stretched out on your deck chair with a glorious view of the ocean in front of you (and with a cool, shady umbrella to shield you from the sun’s blaze) and you’ve pulled out your latest paperback thriller. You say that this is the only time you have got to read and it helps to take your mind off of things. But of all the other days of the year? Surely, here and there, a few minutes to spare? And not just any old airport trash.

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Something valuable and informative and inspirational that stimulates the mind and even tugs at the heartstrings. And while you’re vegetating on that couch again, what are your children upstairs reading? And are they doing their homework? Are they struggling? And why aren’t you helping them? Can you? Enough questions then. Enough preaching, and these are things you should know well by now. Parents who presented their growing children with childrens books bronx ny publications, paperback or in hardcover, but mostly in pictures, have never really looked back.

These picture books are no comic books, let that be said. These are books that teach the children about life. And in case you have forgotten, it usually begins on the farm. And unlike the comic books and the TV games they may still be playing upstairs, there is no violence in these books. Sure enough, there are more than likely tales of bravado and derring-do where the good guys always come out on top.

But the best thing of all is this. Those young children have started to learn how to read, and to write, along the way towards become fine and well-adjusted young adults.